This One Is On Us & The NIN Live Archive Present - How To Destroy Angels [CHICAGO]:

You may have remembered that back in 2013 we teamed up with the good people at This One Is On Us to film/record How To Destroy Angel's performance at the sold out Chicago show at the Vic Theatre on April 23rd. With 5 professional cameras set about the venue, this film captures the raw energy of the performance with a fan's perspective. I am very proud of all the hard work that the whole team put into this release. The film looks/sounds fantastic and I am glad to finally see this released! After the jump, you can download the digital release via torrent in full 1080p HD. The file is ~4.6GB, hence why I cannot host it here and torrent is the best option. There is a physical release planned in the near future. If you are interested, please sign up here so we can gauge the interest. Big thanks to my good friend Matt from the DM Live Wiki for letting us use his torrent tracker/seedbox for the release!

Click here for more info and sign up for the physical release

Click here to download HTDA [CHICAGO] mp4/1080p via torrent

12/18/2014: The NIN Live Archive - NIN Drive v2.0 Torrent Now Available:

Welcome to the Nine Inch Nails Live Archive! This website is an internet archive of Nine Inch Nails and their concert performances over the last 20+ years. Here you can find audio recordings available for download from over 600 concerts. You can browse through the recordings that are available by hitting the 'Live Archives' link at the top of the page. If you have any recordings that are not available on the archive at this time, and would like to share them to the archive. Please get in contact with me via email here: ryanj@reflectinginthechrome.com I can transfer any tape possible if you do not have the means to do so. ANYTHING is welcome to the archive. Now, if you're here for the NIN Drive torrent, read below!

After thousands of hours working on this project in my spare time, the NIN Drive v2.0 torrent is finally available for download! This is by far, the most extensive and detailed archive drive of any band out there and I am very proud to say that! With about 530GB in total, and ~20,000 files, each show/source is properly tagged, MD5'd, FFP'd and includes artwork! If you have the first version of the NIN Drive, I HIGHLY suggest you download this instead.

As I've stated in the past, everything that is on the NIN Drive is available on the archive for download. Maybe the only difference is that the higher filetypes (i.e.- 24bit/96kHZ etc) are only available on the NIN Drive because of how large the files are. I keep the CD playable (16/44) versions on the site archive. Originally, I (and a few other people who helped start the project) wanted the drive to help NIN traders get more/new sources. But that felt too elitist for my liking as I've always wanted to share everything. Not to mention I've been fortunate to have many tapers/traders send in their tapes to transfer for the archive. I did want to make the drive perfect before I went about doing something in torrent form, and I feel now that this is the best presentation of something like this. If you'd like to see a preview of all the sources available on the drive, head over to the source list. The NIN Drive page will be updated in the coming days with more information.


Click to Download NIN Drive v2.0 Torrent

Nine Inch Nails Live in Indianapolis 07/03/2006

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