10/10/2018: Thank You Everyone.

2 days ago, I asked if I could get some help from the NIN community to sustain this site for the next 3 years while I am in school. School loans are very tight and regulated by my program. So covering cost of living window is very narrow. Some of you may know about this, and know how frustrating it is. Especially when your program contracts you to not work while in the program (like my anesthesia program). The outpour of support from the community has allowed the site to be sustained for almost 3 years!!!! IN 2 DAYS!!!! Words cannot describe my gratitude to all of you that contributed to help keep this site afloat while I pursue my dream of becoming an anesthesia provider, while also being able to continue maintaining the site and do something I love. I hope to keep bringing good content to the site and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to every single person who made this possible. I hope to send something cool to all of you in the coming weeks/month. The campaign is still running, and if you'd like to contribute to the hosting/server/domain costs it can be done by clicking below, or here. Again, thanks so much for your continued support. - RJ

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10/03/2018: It Finally Happened... ninlive Meets NIN!

After running this site for almost 10 years, 35 shows, and been a life long fan. I was finally able to shake their hands and tell them how much I appreciate their music right before their first show in Atlanta! Thank you to Trent and the band for taking the time just before they went on stage to chat for a few minutes with me about the archive, live recordings, and a few other projects that are in the works! You can read all about my meet-up with the band at EchoingTheSound. More shows on the way and the ninlive audio rig will be making its way to the next city! If you'd like to get involved, let me know! Thanks to everyone who followed along the past week for the updates of this and those that helped make this happen. It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. Now, I’ll get back to school and working on updates to the site! Cheers all. Until next time.

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Need Your Help NIN Fans:

NIN fans, I need some help from you!! I am looking for any ticket stub/poster/setlist sheet from any past Nine Inch Nails shows! A lot of you have been awesome already and sent me in a few hundred concert stubs to add to the archive, THANK YOU! But obviously, there are still a lot to acquire! Check the date in the archive to see if there is a stub, if not, please send it over! Photos or scans are totally fine!

I am always looking for new sources. If you have taped Nine Inch Nails in the past, audio or video, and do not see it here on the site. Please get in contact with me via email, twitter, smoke signals to have it added to the archive! I am always looking to add more information to unknown recordings here at the site to make it the most comprehensive and detailed archive possible. If you do not have the means to transfer the tape, I can transfer almost every since piece of media you throw at me if you send it over! I will send it back in a reasonable amount of time.

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