Trent Secretly Releases Remix of Bowie's "I Can't Give Everything Away":

Haven't updated the front page of ninlive in quite some time, but I think this is appropriate now. If you have been checking out any of the recent shows. NIN has been playing a cover of David Bowie's song, "I Can't Give Everything Away." It is hauntingly beautiful and definitely gives me chills while listening to it. I've been living under a rock for the last 9 months and found out this was posted to soundcloud then, anonymously. With the description, "I found this online, no idea where it came from" on this mysterious soundcloud account (that only has this track available) it is more than likely this came from Trent himself. It was available for download in 320 mp3 for awhile. But since then, it has been disabled for downloads. I had a few people on twitter reply to my tweet about finding the original file and I am lucky enough to get it. As this was given away for free, I felt that this was ok to post here so that others could enjoy a better copy than ripping it from soundcloud at a lower bitrate. Download the zip file below to get this remix that NIN has been playing out this fall. Enjoy!

Listen/Download: David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away (Farewell Remix)

Edit: Soundcloud file has been removed.

05/16/2016 - Need Your Help NIN Fans:

NIN fans, I need some help from you!! I am looking for any ticket stub/poster/setlist sheet from any past Nine Inch Nails shows! A lot of you have been awesome already and sent me in a few hundred concert stubs to add to the archive, THANK YOU! But obviously, there are still a lot to acquire! Check the date in the archive to see if there is a stub, if not, please send it over! Photos or scans are totally fine!

I am always looking for new sources. If you have taped Nine Inch Nails in the past, audio or video, and do not see it here on the site. Please get in contact with me via email, twitter, smoke signals to have it added to the archive! I am always looking to add more information to unknown recordings here at the site to make it the most comprehensive and detailed archive possible. If you do not have the means to transfer the tape, I can transfer almost every since piece of media you throw at me if you send it over! I will send it back in a reasonable amount of time.

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