NIN Lollapalooza Audio/Video Available for Download:

Thanks to a bunch of folks over at EchoingTheSound (ETS), we have a complete and perfect stream rip of the Lollapalooza show from last Friday! It's in glorious 1080p and soundboard audio. There will be numerous ways to downlaod this one just like the Fuji Rocks Live Stream. I am uploading all of those at the moment but I prefer everyone to grab the torrent below in order to download it, and please seed as long as you can! Just so RITC's server is not being dominated. I was at Lollapalooza for the show and it was AMAZING. The light show is fantastic and the band sounds awesome! I hope everyone enjoys and again, thanks to all at ETS who helped made this possible and allowing us to host it! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD - 08/02/2013 Chicago, IL, Lollapalooza 1080p Pro-Shot

Direct Download (mkv)- Coming Soon
Direct Download (mp4)- Coming Soon
Torrent - .torrent file
Soundboard Audio -.Zip File AAC - 253, 186.5 MB

07/28/2013: NIN Fuji Rocks Festival Audio/Video Available for Download:

After the live stream was not available in North America many US fans found proxy servers to watch the first Nine Inch Nails performance since 2009. But found out that the proxy servers were very choppy and dropped connection a lot making capturing very difficult. Many sources were incomplete or glitchy. Thankfully, many NIN fans helped merge sources together and we were going to release the merged footage (Thanks to all that contributed). But then C. Morris contacted me and said he had a full 720p rip from the UK! He was kind enough to convert and upload it to RITC's server in order for it to be availabe to the masses! So here it is! Nine Inch Nails first show, in full 720p, soundboard audio from 07/26/2013 Fuji Rocks Festival! There are three options to download, a direct .zip file, torrent and just an audio file. The full performance will be up on RITC's YouTube page shortly as well! Thanks for everyone who has helped make this possible!! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD - 07/26/2013 Niigata, Japan, Fuji Rocks Festival 720p Pro-Shot

Direct Download - .zip file (2.68 GB)
Torrent - .torrent file
Soundboard Audio - mp3, 192 (137.7 MB)

07/21/2013: NIN Done With Production, Off To Japan to Start NIN 2013!:

Nine Inch Nails have finished production rehearsals at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and are on their way to Japan to start the 2013 festival tour for two festival dates in the pacific rim before heading out to Grant Park in Chicago for Lollapalooza! Niigata, Japan at the Fuji Rocks Festival, is the first performance Nine Inch Nails will have done since their 2009 Wave Goodbye Tour. This show will be streamed live from the festival on their YouTube page. For us people over in the states, the show is on July 26th at 7:30 AM EST. Hoping to see a few of you at Lollapalooza as well!

Watch NIN Live at Fuji Rocks Festival

Friday, July 26th, 8:30 AM EST
Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/fujirocktv
NIN2013 Lineup