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Nine Inch Nails Live @ Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL, 8.03.08
NIN Live at Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL, 8/03/08 Photo by Rob Sheridan

NIN Live (Reflecting in the Chrome) was created in 2008 at the end of The Lights in the Sky tour. Over the years NIN has been captured live by many people; there are hundreds upon hundreds of recordings. However, there was not a site that collected these recordings and shared them with NIN fans. ninlive is an archive of Nine Inch Nails' live recordings over the last 20 years. All recordings are available for download free of charge.

This site was also formed to create a single external hard drive that contains all NIN recordings, aptly called the NIN Drive. Every live NIN recording in existence is on it and is available to anyone who would like it. Visit our NIN Drive page for details.

We are always looking for more recordings to host. It does not matter what quality or what media it is. If you have a recording that is not on the site, please contact us! We want the archives to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

There are a few people who are vital to nin live becoming what it is today. Dassarri is a co-founder of the site who set up the NIN drive. He's a big contributor to taping as well as hunting down new NIN sources. Hahninator helped out tremendously in developing the initial site back in March of 2009. Pleatherface who designed the new layout you see today. TheBang who helped upload over 300 GB worth of NIN live audio to nin live for me at blazing speeds! Gladcarrot, who has an amazing site and has a vast collection and lot of information about older NIN tours as well as the most comprehensive tour history site for Nine Inch Nails, The NIN Historian. Thanks to ACC123456 for uploading almost every show that was missing from the archive, and Mr. Fang for all of the sources and information that he has contributed to the NIN drive!!! A big THANK YOU to ALL of them! I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.
- Ryan Jonik

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