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Unreleased Fragility Tour Screen Projections

From the above post on EchoingTheSound it looked like on eBay there were some projections done by David Carson for the Fragility Tour. I am going to now post the information on them from the thread below to give you all the informtaion that is known on them. What we know is that these were stolen from Carson and the thief tried to sell them back to him. He didn't want anything to do with it and this footage was scrapped for the tour. A fan from ETS was able to obtain the tape and transfer it. In the download below, you will have the original video transfer. As well as an 'edited' version that gets rid of some of the artifacts/band at the bottom and a version with live audio incorporated into the video. Some pretty wicked stuff! Download is at the bottom of the page. Thanks to the fans over at ETS for making this happen and gathering all this info!

Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, and it obviously needs it's own thread. I was searching on eBay the other night and came across this:

It's a PAL VHS Tape that appears to be the projection design for the middle section of the Fragility Tour. I don't think I've heard of this being leaked out or available. I figured Levi or someone might want to organize a pool so we can liberate this as we have on some other rare things through the years. I know I'd definitely like to see it. I doubt someone is going to bite at the current $1200 price tag, but there has to be some middle ground the seller would accept.

"Rare find, found in Storage Unit Auction. This is an RARE original PAL Video Cassette Tape of "NIN" THE NINE INCH NAILS "Projection" designed and directed by DAVID CARSON DESIGN STUDIOS.

Songs Included:
"La Mer"
"The Great Below"
"The Way Out Is Through"

- - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE EDIT 2/24/2018:

Australian user @the_tic_begins was able to purchase the PAL version of the tape for $100. Several people offered to start a GoFundMe page to cover the costs, but he (she?) declined, saying that they wanted the physical tape for their collection anyway. They have a transfer shop just up the road that will be able to digitize the tape, which can then be burned to DVDs, uploaded, etc. Given shipping times to AU, expect a several week gap before anything happens.

User @paul_guyet has spoken with David Carson about the tapes, and Carson has indicated that he's not really interested in having the tapes back. So despite the fact that there's still a different version available on eBay, there's not much of a point in pooling together to buy that one and return it to him.

It turns out he had a bunch of NIN tapes & reels stolen from his house (someone recently tried to sell him back some stolen works for 20k) & this is one of the stolen items. To quote him, "That price is crazy. U aware thats its all a bunch of underwater footege, a first version/edit With the 3 songs just added from the album? It wasnt used for anything as trent changed it all before it was ever used?"

Heard back from Carson who pretty much told me the same thing as @FULLMETAL: "the tape is stolen and this is a complete rip off". He then told me that he'll "work on seeing if he can get us some footage". Which would be awesome. I thanked him and told him that would be amazing.

Then Rob got back to me and told me that the footage from the Fragility 1.0 tour was the work he did with Reznor and Christopherson, and that the only Carson stuff that was released was the TV spot and the "title sequence stuff" from AATCHB, and that whatever is on this tape might be completely unreleased/unused.

Download: The Fragility Tour Projections .Zip File - 2.7 GB