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The Nine Inch Nails Live Archive & ThisOneIsOnUs Presents: How To Destroy Angels: Live In Chicago

Probably one of the most surreal experiences of my life in terms of music. I reached out to ThisOneIsOnUs right before the Chicago show to see if they'd want to use some point and shoot panasonic cameras to film the show from the audience POV. They decided to go one better and rent some professional video equipment in Chicago, ask the band to film it (which they said yes!) and record/film with other tapers! Unreal day and this was the finished product. We had been in talks with the band to get a soundboard mix for this release. But around the time that we were trying to finish this edit, the 2014 tour was going on, Gone Girl and other projects from NIN. Still, I am very happy with the audio recording that was mixed for this release and it gives you more ambiance of the room. Below, you can download the HD version of the show, as well as the audio only of the release in your choice of FLAC or MP3. You can also check out the source guide page for the Chicago show, as well as read from ETS my post about filming the show for the band and a bit more background info on the release itself.

I understand that this release has had some demand for a bluray release. Which I anticipate doing at the end of 2020. I know... A long time after. But I will finally have some free time after (hopefully) graduating from school. If you are interested in that, please sign up for an email update using the form below. I will send off an email blast when I am ready to go with that!



READ: HTDA 04/23/2013 Chicago Source Page

Download 'HTDA: Live In Chicago'

HTDA: Chicago Film Release H264 HD Video .Zip File - 4.6 GB

HTDA: Chicago Audio Release - FLAC 24 Bit .Zip File - 863.9 MB

HTDA: Chicago Audio Release - FLAC 16 Bit .Zip File - 457.1 MB

HTDA: Chicago Audio Release - MP3 320 .Zip File - 155.3 MB