NIN Live

Nine Inch Nails - Live: 2022 Recorded in Philadelphia, PA, The Met

Videotape released an edit of the 2018 Cold and Black And Infinite Tour that you can also find on the archive for download. This edit was released in February of 2023 and consists of footage and audio recordings from the two nights at The Met in Philadelphia at the end of May. Instead of going with the C&B&I aesthetic of black and white, this edit is in full color. Thank you to videotape for allowing me to host/preserve this on the archive. They also gave me a few bonus videos for your viewing pleasure as well! You can download it here or watch on youtube below after the jump!

1. Home (May 24)
2. The Beginning of the End (May 24)
3. Wish (May 25)
4. Last (May 25)
5. Letting You (May 25)
6. The Lovers (May 24)
7. Copy of A (May 24)
8. Even Deeper (May 24)
9. Survivalism (May 24)
10.Sanctified (May 25)
11.Heresy (May 25)
12.The Becoming (May 25)
13.Every Day Is Exactly the Same (May 24)
14.The Big Come Down (May 24)
15.Burn (May 25)
16.The Line Begins to Blur (May 25)
17.Suck (May 25)
18.I’m Afraid of Americans (May 25)
19.Gave Up (May 25)
20.The Hand that Feeds (May 25)
21.Head Like a Hole (May 25)
22.Hurt (May 25)

Bonus Tracks:
01. Discipline - Live In Glasgow
02. Down In It - Live In Glasgow
03. Everything - Live In Glasgow
04. Heresey - Live In Glasgow
05. Somewhat Damaged - 2022
06. Sunspots - Live In London
07. The Beginning of the End - Live In Glasgow

Edited by: Videotape

Audio: RyanJ, Anonymous

Video: RyanJ, markit aneight, Smshn Pmpkn, Jim Powers, Kutt Live, Mothman- Multimedia, Frank Melfi, pwm112, Edgar Rojas, LiveShowEd Videos, Jeff Gusky, LORDOFTHE80S, dmooney99, e, Mark Mc, plan2fail, xXBuellXB12RXx

Released February 19, 2023

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