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ThisOneIsOnUs Presents: Another Version of The Truth BluRay/DVD Release

If some of you don't know the story of this release, you can read the notes below from the liner notes of the DVD/BluRay combo. I was fortunate enough to work a little bit on this project (and by work, I mean send in my shitty video recording from the Vegas show and my audio recording as well). To give you some background info without going into too much detail (which again, you can do below) NIN wanted to make a 3D blu ray release out of the Lightds In The Sky Tour, directed by James Cameron. The light installation was ahead of it's time and the performance was the most expansive by NIN to that date. They wanted to film a few shows but the venue's fees were very expensive and I remember there being some red tape involved with the record label at the time. So, it was scrapped. But NIN called out for the last few performances for anyone to get in with a video camera and record it. It was orchestrated that the Vegas show would be recorded (it wasn't one of the cities with the open filming policy) and it brought it's own challenges trying to get the best footage for that one. A few weeks after the tour, NIN had released a BUNCH of footage from three shows on the last few nights of the tour. Labeled amongst fans as "The Gift," 400GB of raw video angles and soundboard audio. ThisOneIsOnUs was created to make a proper release of this new footage, along with the Vegas footage that had already been in progress compiling. A lot went into making this release possible... Fans from all over the world worked on it, made edits to the footage, created a website/cover art... It took a village! Below, you can read more about the whole story. You can also download the Gift Footage in MKV 1080p format or the blu ray disc, the Vegas SLDVD and the bonus features that were included. The audio version of this release that includes the Las Vegas audience mixed recording and The Gift soundboard recording is also below. Enjoy!

Download 'Another Version of the Truth'

The Gift Blu Ray Disc .Zip File - 18.4 GB

The Gift 1080p MKV .Zip File - 8.9 GB

Vegas SL-DVD Disc .Zip File - 4.2 GB

AVOTT Bonus Disc .Zip File - 8.4 GB

AVOTT Audio Release - FLAC 16 Bit .Zip File - 1.8 GB

AVOTT Audio Release - MP3 320 .Zip File - 572.7 MB

Download The Raw 'Gift' Footage

The Gift Raw 430GB Video Files .Zip File Torrent - 4.2 MB