NIN Live

ThisOneIsOnUs + ninhotline Present - nine inch nails: The Downward Spiral Live

This project was made possible through the efforts of fans in the Nine Inch Nails community, channeled through ThisOneIsOnUs, The NIN Hotline and Echoing the Sound. During the final run of shows in 2009 on their Wave Goodbye Tour. Nine Inch Nails stopped in New York City for a run of shows and on August 23rd they played the famous Webster Hall venue. With a capacity of just about 1,500 people it was hot that night with just about everyone crammed into this "small" space. The lights go down and NIN begin to do something that has never been done before.. Play "The Downward Spiral" from start to finish. On some of the audience recordings, you can hear as they start going through the set into March of the Pig... Piggy.. fans saying, "is it really going to happen?" It did and ThisOneIsOnUs and the nin hotline compiled a bunch of audio and video sources thanks to the fans over at EchoingTheSound to make it happen 10 years ago. The torrents have since died, and what better way to revive this release than on the archive. You can download the release in MP3/FLAC audio, DVD or a 720p video version. Which I've heard is hard to come by. Enjoy the show!

Download 'The Downward Spiral: Live'

TDS:LIVE 720p Video .Zip File - 2.3 GB

TDS:Live DVD .Zip File - 3.3 GB

TDS:LIVE Audio Release - FLAC 16 Bit .Zip File - 658.5 MB

TDS:LIVE Audio Release - MP3 320 .Zip File - 252.4 MB