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  • 1) a mix of all that was (1988-2000)
    2) in this twilight (2005-2007)
    3) a million miles away (2008)
    4) all that there ever was (1988-2009)
    5) banged and blown through (2009)
    6) a mix... there ever was (1988-2009)
    7) hallucinate in high fidelity (2013-2014)
    8) nothing left to lose (2017-2018)

Silver CD Bootlegs

Below you can find all of the actual "bootleg" CDs (or "Silvers" as I like to call them) that have been pressed over the years. Before the internet and the ease of sharing concert recordings via lossless files, there was more of a market for these "bootleg" CDs. You would usually see these in record stores for astronomical prices because the person who would record the show would send their master tapes overseas to some bootleg company who would then press these to a disc. These were not burned discs and they were professionally copied. Obviously, dual discs in order to fit the whole performances were scrapped because it was more to manufacture a double disc release. So these bootleg companies would omit a few songs to make sure they fit to one disc. Hence why some of these releases are incomplete. If the performance was shorter (mostly the 89-91 sets) they would add bonus tracks from other recordings that were available. At the archive, we don't condone bootlegging and to be honest, it has pretty much fallen by the waistside the last 20 years or so thanks to the internet and everything being so readily available. If we do see something that isn't out there, we try and liberate it. Below are silver CDs that we have in the collection that you can download in full. Over time, you'll be able to click the link and there will be a page with the overview of the silver CD, cover art and the download of it inside. But for now, each link will download a zip file of the pressed CD. If you notice that there isn't one on this list, please get in contact so I can add it. Thanks and enjoy!

  • A Demon Possessed
    A Thousand Pleasures
    Back In Anger
    Children of the Night
    Coming Down Fast
    Crossed Nails
    Demos & Remixes
    Familiar Sting
    Feel the Pain
    Hammar Hard
    Hammering It Home 94
    Hole in Your Head
    Homeboy Reznor
    Killer Instinct
    Manson's Revenge
    March Of The Devil
    Monsters In Space
    Mud Pigs
    Nails In My Head
    Nassau 95
    Painful Convictions
    Purest Feeling
    Purest Feeling II
    Reznor Sharp
    Rusty Nails
    Rusty Nails - The Remixes, Vol. 2
    Self Destruction Men
    Shallow Grave
    Show Up Or Throw Up
    Slaughter in the Air
    Solid Gold Hell
    When the Whip Comes Down
    You Can't Stop Us