05/30/2022: NIN Live Archive Back Online and Massive Update!

What a month of May... It was great to see Nine Inch Nails back on stage the last month around the US. I was lucky enough to hit most of the shows and record! You can find those recordings in the '2022' section of the archive. Great to see so many of you out at the shows and to chat about our favorite band. Even bigger news is that the archive is now 100% back online! Thanks to TheBang, the media server has been migrated to a permanent home and all download links should be working now. In the coming days/weeks, there are going to be some big updates of old recordings and new ones from the recent run of shows! I have a backlog of recordings to add since the site's temporary hold while migrating servers. If you are taping the upcoming European Tour or the fall US Tour, I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy the new recordings and happy that it's back online!

12/18/2021: Happy Holidays - NIN Audio Drive v4.0 and Video Drive v1.0 Torrents

Greetings! I hope this update sees everyone well. Still crazy times we are living in. I have lost a lot of interest in this project since everything came to a halt in November. But I decided to get one last update out there before I hang it up for a bit. Below are download links to both Nine Inch Nails audio and video drive torrents. This will be the 4th version of the audio drive to be released and the 1st version of the video drive. Going through this, there are a good amount of updates that have been done on the audio version since the last release in 2019. You don't really realize how much you've added until you do this. For which I am really happy to see there actually have been some great additions/upgrades. I never really thought the video drive was ready for release. Alyways wanted to see more, but I think this is a great start for the initial drive. Everything you see on these two torrents were available on the archive for download prior to its shutdown.

Here are some of the stats of the drives. The audio drive, since the last version, I have added 134 new audio sources with probably 40-50 edits of shows that have already been on the drive. Bringing the total to 1,187 audio recordings. These edits are more likely to be information about the recordings. Either taper or equipment info, possibly even some typos. The audio drive is currently ~723 GB. You should need a hard drive greater than 1TB to be able to download this fully. The video drive is every video that is currently on the archive now. There are 377 video sources available on the drive. The video drive is currently 1.21 TB. You should need a hard drive greater than 2 TB to be able to download this fully. After the first few shows of 2022, I suggest larger capacity hard drives because with the new recordings added it's already close to max capacity for lower capacity drives. Give yourself a buffer!

I am looking for people to help with the initial seeding of the torrents. If you would rather not use your bandwidth to download close to 2TB of Nine Inch Nails live recordings, you can send a hard drive that will meet the capacity of the drives to the archive. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE BELOW AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.




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