NIN Live: 2013

November 08, 2013, Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center

Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Come Back Haunted
Find My Way
Various Methods of Escape
The Frail
The Wretched
In Two
The Big Come Down
A Warm Place
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole
Even Deeper
In This Twilight
While I'm Still Here - Black Noise

Show Memorabilia

Tension 2013 Posters NIN Los Angeles 2013 Poster 2013/11/08 Ticket 2013/11/08 Ticket 2013/11/08 Ticket

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Schoeps MK41s + Nbob actives + Tinybox + Sony PCM-M10)
Taper: BLG
Time: 135 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Satellite, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 804.5 MB
Added to Archive: November 09th, 2013
The longest set of the tour up to this date. The show was also filmed by the band for (hopefully) a future release. BLG has been taping for many years and has made some incredible tapes. This tape is a prime example. Amazing recording and one of the best of the tour. Big thanks to BLG for sharing it with the archive.

Source 2: Audio - AUD (CSBs + BB + Olympus LS-11)
Taper: xip187
Time: 135 minutes
Rating: 4 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Various Methods of Escape, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 761.2 MB
Added to Archive: April 13th, 2014
Good recording. This is the 16 bit version. The 24 bit version is available on the NIN Drive.

Source 3: Audio - Pro, Soundboard
Taper: Nine Inch Nails
Time: 76 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: In Two, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File AAC - 253, 143.7 MB
Added to Archive: October 09th, 2019
Soundboard ripped from the Tension 2013 video below.

Source 3b: Video - PRO, Tension 2013
Taper: Nine Inch Nails
Time: 76 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
Download the Full Show:
.zip file MP4 - 1080p, 1.9 GB
.zip file MKV - 1080p, 1.9 GB
Added to Archive: October 09th, 2019
Was holding out upping this to the archive because I was hoping that this would make a full official release some day. The Tension 2013 Tour was recoreded in LA (along with Vienna and Houston 2014) and I assume was going to make a trilogy of concerts on blu-ray. Sadly, the project was scrapped. But this is what was presented on YouTube from the Staples Center show. Obviously top notch. Maybe one day the full show will be released (along with the other footage)

Source 4: Video - AUD (Sony DSC-HX50V)
Taper: JAM007
Time: 132 minutes - Incomplete
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Stream Online: Watch on YouTube
Download the Footage: .Zip File MP4 - 1080i, 7.4 GB
Added to Archive: April 20th, 2020
I’ve been trying to get JAM’s footage for the archive for some time. A few years ago, he sent me some of the shows he has shot over the years but didn’t have the means to edit them. Thanks to Frank G. I have been able to get a lot of his footage out there. Frank synced BLG’s audio recording (Source 1) to JAM’s video. The video itself is fantastic. Recorded from the section 112, row 3 at the Staples Center it has great close ups and a stable shot that is very enjoyable to watch. There are a few spots where the recording took a break. There are breaks in the video during which either the battery was swapped, or SD cards. Frank tried to make the edits as seamless as possible and I thank him for how meticulous he has been editing this footage! Thanks again to JAM for sending this over for the archive!